How It Works?

Customized meals

You name it we cook it. We prepare highly customized meals according to your diet, lifestyle and goals.

Bundle Meals

We know it’s your daily meal, must be nutritious, tasty and healthy, and affordable, so we offer a package of 5 meals to save up to $100 a month and help you to find enough time to enjoy your life!

Gift Card

Buy a Holly Gift Card to show your friends & family some HEALTHY love and support your local community.
We cook food & Serve Love

We cook food and serve love

Why Holly Food?


We are going to make a proud Canadian company to serve the people all around the world with more respect and honesty like Canadian. We always think about your health and happiness and our green planet.

In our vision, Holly Food is a revelation in the food service industry to make the truly fresh healthy tasty food for every one. Holly food is a science base food company which partner with medical and natural physician and dieticians, professional educated athletes to continuously improve and get better to serve you better.






Gluten Free



Customized Meals

Meal Plan

 Your meal plan can provide by your consultant (Dietician) or our expert team and valued partners.

Set Up

According to your final meal plan, we set up everything by details for a month or further as your desire.

Your Personal Chef

Your personal chef preps and cooks your meals according to the details plan and your taste and style.

Deliver to You

Your meals deliver to your address 2 to 3 times per week, you just need to warm it up, if you like!

About our menu

Our menu is inspired by our passion for creating a healthy community and a healthy planet. This menu has been empowered by numerous hours of research and seeking advice from recognized nutritionists, MD experts, Personal Trainers and chefs.

Testified by our esteemed clients and customers’ feedback, our colorful and diversified choices have been delicately selected and designed to meet your expectations. We’re constantly seeking improvements whether in our menu, our services or the way we treat you. Please provide your feedback at any time and help us to improve.

 The best compliment we can receive is your referral of family and friends.”

About our menu


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