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Our chefs customized meals based on your palate, lifestyle and goals.

Honest . Fair . Sustainable

How It Works?

Customized meals

You name it we cook it. We prepare highly customized meals according to your diet, lifestyle and goals.

Bundle Meals

It’s not just about getting full! You need nutrients & clean food to boost your energy level & keep your body healthy & fit.

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We cook food & Serve Love

We cook food and serve love

Why Holly Food?


We are going to make a proud Canadian company to serve the people all around the world with more respect and honesty like Canadian. We always think about your health and happiness and our green planet.

In our vision, Holly Food is a revelation in the food service industry to make the truly fresh healthy tasty food for every one. Holly food is a science base food company which partner with medical and natural physician and dieticians, professional educated athletes to continuously improve and get better to serve you better.






Gluten Free



Customized Meals

Meal Plan

 Your meal plan can provide by your consultant (Dietician) or our expert team and valued partners.

Set Up

According to your final meal plan, we set up everything by details for a month or further as your desire.

Your Personal Chef

Your personal chef preps and cooks your meals according to the details plan and your taste and style.

Deliver to You

Your meals deliver to your address 2 to 3 times per week, you just need to warm it up, if you like!

About our menu

Our menu is inspired by our passion for creating a healthy community and a healthy planet. This menu has been empowered by numerous hours of research and seeking advice from recognized nutritionists, MD experts, Personal Trainers and chefs.

Testified by our esteemed clients and customers’ feedback, our colorful and diversified choices have been delicately selected and designed to meet your expectations. We’re constantly seeking improvements whether in our menu, our services or the way we treat you. Please provide your feedback at any time and help us to improve.

 The best compliment we can receive is your referral of family and friends.”

About our menu


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When you look at obesity tsunami , you’ll figure our obesity is a complex chronic progressive disease which is multi factorial. That means, no one cause leads to obesity, but a number of them, including nutritional, lack of physical activity, metabolic, hormonal, genetic, psychological, social, and other factors.
STOP looking for the magic “wand”. THERE IS NONE!
What works though is a number of treatment strategies addressing all of these pieces of the pie, under the supervision of a trained medical professional (Medical Weight Loss program).
Proudly partner up with Dr Francis Vala, one of the experts Medical bariatric In all BC to help you scientifically and safely lose your weight and keep it off long term.

Human Empowerment and Transformation





JUMP uplifts people who want to overcome their perceived limits with exercise through movement and mindfulness, so they can experience a greater joy and performance in their lives.

Jump Coaching

Jump Coaching


At Oila Canada we aim to produce the highest and safest quality in culinary and essential oil products. It is with this philosophy in mind/mindset that we select only the best organic non-GMO seeds to produce the finest oils, while at the same time incorporating the cleanest methods to extract the oils.
Once our professionals have completed the selection process of the raw materials; they then begin the careful extraction process. To obtain the cleanest oils we are obliged to use precision equipment and the best separation technique known for this which is the “first cold press technique”. Using the first cold press technique; which has been existed since ancient time, we separate the oils from the seeds at low temperatures (below 40 ̊C for close proximity to the body temperature) that surpass the highest standards (below 53 ̊C) for this process.
We then proceed to bottle the finished product without the use of any preservatives and deliver it to our customers to be used in their culinary delights, for healthier living.




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